We enable our customers to create billions in value with lower costs and higher revenues - FAST!


Raj Bains

SimpleDataLabs CEO

Raj is focused on making companies truly ML enabled. He started SimpleDataLabs to give his big data customers what was important to them – value out of their data fast with small teams.

He has expertise in Strategy, Product Management, Product Marketing and Systems Engineering. Raj managed Apache Hive/Hadoop at Hortonworks, he led Product Management and Product Marketing at Clustrix, a NewSQL distributed database. Raj had a decade long engineering career with expertise in Databases, Language, Compilers and HPC. He most enjoyed writing a Loop Optimizer from scratch. He is happy to sell, write code, build slides or clean the office.

Mayank Kotwal

B.Tech, M.Tech EEECS, IIT Kharagpur

Mayank prides himself in his excellent understanding of the engineering systems he works with. He is methodical, structured and is always ready to take on tough challenges. He has background in implementing Machine Learning algorithms for the e-commerce space – all the way to managing large scale Spark clusters and systems programming.

Kajari Verma


Kajari topped her state exams to get into the prestigious BITS Pilani. She has overcome many challenges and her productivity and professionalism are second to none.

Nirbhay Gupta

B.Tech, Physics, IIT Delhi

Nirbhay is a people person with strong technology background. Always full of ideas and excitement – he is interesting in exploring technologies at the intersection of modeling and software development.


Vikas Marwaha

General Manager Financial Services, Wipro. IIM Indore

Vikas is a seasoned executive and has expertise in building new business opportunities and sales. As an advisor he provides guidance to the company in sales and market development.


Look, we are ambitious and want to build a great company – but we can only do it with the support of the best and the most motivated. We need founder level expertise in Product Marketing and in ML & Systems Architects. We are also always looking for the best engineers.

If you have expertise in applying machine learning to verticals, in Machine Learning systems, distributed systems – including Spark and Kubernetes, web services including Scala or UI expertise in React, Redux and think you can help the company we are excited to hear from you

We are at Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator starting Fall 2018